House 3

Our Prototype is done. Our design is firm, our team is waiting. We know what to do.

Now we need the capital to make it a reality. Full projections, models, and specific numbers are available on request, but in brief:

Serious inquiries can be sent to:
"info" at this domain
Please forgive the lack of mail link, we prefer real mail to spam.

Thank you for understanding.



Stuart Compton, Director and co-founder. Stuart has been in the computer game industry for over 20 years, working on AAA titles for such companies as Sierra Studios (a subsidiary of Vivendi), Microsoft, and Sony. As an art director at Sony, for EverQuest II, Stuart led a team of 40 artists and working with programmers helped develop the next generation rendering engine for the game.
You can learn more from his personal site at

Brian Quinette, Design Coordinator and co-founder. Brian designed the board games Mystery Mansion and Ghostlings, and the casual computer games Thrii and Knight’s Journey. Most recently, Brian was a writer for Sony’s EverQuest II. His theater plays The Quatrefoil Knot and GUNplays have been performed in Chicago and Denver. With Professor Kit Reed, Brian helped set up and teach Wesleyan College’s online writing class for four years. He’s been a gamemaster and programmer at LambdaMOO, Xerox PARC's experimental online community, since 1992. (Today’s social networks are based on the success of text based online communities such as LambdaMOO. In fact, LambdaMoo is still online and adding users year after year.)

Development team

Megan Fox, Lead Prototype Developer. A recent graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder with a BS in Mathematics, she is an author and self-taught programmer. Her past and present projects include Cannoneer (TBA), Idyllon prototype, Wild Vines, Elium (a 3D action/RPG) and its combat demo Kasei, and Mystic Polka Shootout (a 2D side-scrolling arena shooter). You can learn more about these or other bits at her web site,